Asset searches are a critical element of many individual and business-related private investigations. The importance of this task, however, does not correlate to its ease. Asset search is a time consuming process that can yield a great deal of frustration. Ultimately, the success or failure of an asset search depends on the qualifications and capabilities of your private investigator. Maya & Maya, Inc. ensures a thorough and revealing search to aid your case.

In a proper hidden asset search, the following areas are investigated in compliance with federal and state law

  • Bank accounts
  • Brokerage and investment accounts
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Off-shore bank accounts
  • Public record
  • Motor vehicles, watercrafts, and aircrafts
  • Patents, trademarks, and copyrights
  • Real property
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Employment
  • Business ownership and affiliations
  • Foreign asset searches (individual and business entities)

When left to lay people, asset searches can lead to futile results. Because the process is so tedious and detailed, those under investigation are often afforded the room to move or hide assets before discovery efforts are fully underway. As a result, individuals trying to conduct asset searches on their own are left with dead ends.

The investigative techniques employed by the private investigators of Maya & Maya have been proven to unearth valuable leads and discover possible assets. Identifying the travel habits of the person being investigated can unearth foreign ties. Also becoming familiar with the friends, family, and business interests of the target being searched can uncover hidden assets.

Professionally conducted asset searches are often the only way to guarantee access to information held by the countries known as the most common off-shore asset havens. Areas such as Panama, the Isle of Man, the Caymans, the Bahamas, Switzerland and other European nations are not known for cooperating with the United States' legal system when it comes to asset searches â?? subpoenas and letters rogatory are usually ignored.

Private investigators utilize the most effective alternative search methods and call on their personal contacts in order to track down the desired information at home and abroad. Turning to experienced and knowledgeable asset tracers like Maya & Maya is the wisest choice for any client who wishes to gain the most thorough and effective results.

Doing an asset search on a person or business is a tedious process if done correctly. Even if it is done correctly, consider the fact that often times, people conducting asset searches wait until it is too late, and the party being searched has had time to hide or move assets. Finding hidden assets is even more frustrating and time consuming and usually leads to futile results. However, experience has repeatedly proven that working with an experienced and knowledgeable asset tracer can make the process of an asset search relatively painless and effective.

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