Entering a business relationship or considering litigation often requires a due diligence investigation. You need to ensure that the prospective partner or plaintiff has the capabilities, requisite stability, and solvency necessary to support a contract or enforce judgments. Maya & Maya Inc. is able to effectively conduct investigations and research to aid in a wide array of business-related transactions and other issues.


  • Acquisition, Partnership, or Joint Venture Agreements
  • Arbitration Proceedings
  • Assessing Competitors or Opponents
  • Certifications of Franchises, Vendors, Product Representatives
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation History
  • Corporate and Financial Transactions
  • Corporate Documents of the Company and Subsidiaries
  • Employees and Related Parties
  • Evaluating Prospective Clients, Partners, or Executive Appointments
  • Execution of Enforcement of Judgments
  • Financial Information - Taxation
  • Bankruptcies, Credit History
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Governmental Regulations and Filings
  • Insurance and Liability
  • Investments (Business and Personal)
  • Locating Individuals for Purposes Permitted by Law
  • Material Contracts and Agreements
  • Previous Issuances of Securities
  • Property and Asset Searches

We enable you to assess the character and integrity of the key company executives and the organization itself. As your needs vary from mergers to acquisitions to capitalization, as well as other specific circumstances, Maya & Maya, Inc. offers you a range of customized services that will meet your specific business investigation needs.

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