Executive Protection/Work Place Violence Response

Maya & Maya Inc has a team of seasoned professional who are trained in the art of executive protection and work place violence. We are you line of defense when the need arises that such a professional is needed. Our seasoned operatives are all licensed private investigator and all have required state licensing permits to carry as a protective operative in Florida.

Our executive proportion personnel are hand picked from Law Enforcement, Military, and most have completed many industry leading executive protection courses. All operative are ready within a moments notice and undergo extensive firearms, critical situation training, marital arts, and physical fitness ready training. Out executive protection personnel pass a yearly physical fitness exam and are ready to travel at a moments notice. Our teams model is "Always Forward and Never Waiver".

Please contact our office if you have a threat at your workplace and or have a necessary reason why executive protection is needed. At Maya & Maya Inc we are selective of the clients we represent and all request for protection is vetted. With every request for protection a threat assessment is done by our in house intelligence unit and we work closely with law enforcement with your dedicated matter should the need arise.

Please call our office for a sensitive appointment regarding your particular situation and our seasoned staff will visit you within a moments notice to address your concerns.

Florida A2300340 - California PI26215 - New York 11000172738
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