Daniel L. Maya gained years of experience investigating some of the most unscrupulous healthcare providers during his tenure as a Medicare Fraud Investigator and as a SIU Investigator in the South Florida area. During that time, Mr. Maya suspended hundreds of Medicare providers from the Medicare Program, saved the general public millions of dollars, and his work led to the convictions of many unscrupulous individuals.

One of the many aspects to performing effective healthcare investigations is to examine both the provider, as well as the patient, who often times are found to be taking kickbacks for services. Also under consideration are the runners who are sometimes involved in recruiting the patients. Our experience includes, but is certainly not limited to, investigating chiropractic clinics (a.k.a. "accident clinics"), durable medical equipment companies (DME), assisted living facilities (ALF), and home health agencies.

Our healthcare investigation services will help to validate your suspicions of foul play and identify any fraudulent targets. We will perform the needed surveillance, and ultimately take witness statements in order to compile a comprehensive referral package for the prosecution. Our expert personnel is comprised of a wide array of former state and federal healthcare investigators with years of investigating the healthcare fraud that is unique to South Florida. We are well-versed in one of the major afflictions of lower income areas which takes advantage of the elderly: patient recruiter identification.

Maya & Maya, Inc. healthcare services include, but are not limited to, the following

  • DME Inspections
  • Pre-Provider Inspections
  • Pharmacy Inspections
  • Clinic Inspections
  • ALF inspections
  • Provider Investigations
  • Care Giver Inspections
  • Audit Review of Medical Records
  • Audit Review of Claims
  • Target Analysis of HCPCS Claims
  • CPT Coding review
  • Billing Review

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