Do you suspect your employees of internal theft, embezzlement, vandalism, or fraud? Are you experiencing losses? Do you suspect you have an internal problem? Could it possibly be your employees? Do you suspect that they are doing illegal activity at work? Sleeping on the job? Is there a personal relationship transpiring at work that could lead to a costly lawsuit?

Maya & Maya, Inc. has a solution to your problem. We have successfully installed legal surveillance equipment at work-site locations to develop usable evidence and irrefutable proof of employee misconduct.

Maya & Maya, Inc recommends that you consult with your corporate consul and/or your human resources administrator. Ensure you have policies in place to effectively deal with your problematic employees.

Why risk your company's financial future in this climate of financial uncertainty? If you don't act now, you could be in danger of financial ruin and the loss of your company. Why risk this because of an employee that is violating company policies and abusing the trust of employment?

Why you should choose Maya & Maya, Inc. for employee surveillance:

  • We have over 20 years of combined experience in surveillance operation and investigating employee misconduct.
  • We use videotape surveillance and provide irrefutable evidence.
  • When you are dealing with entities such as insurance companies due to workers' compensation cases, we will assist your carrier and bring to light a fraudulent claim
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