Act immediately and strengthen your case with Maya & Maya, Inc. Hiring our team of seasoned investigative professionals can be effective to develop facts surrounding a legal case. Our team provides legal support services in conjunction with legal representation as an effective means of developing your case and elevating your chances of winning. The Maya strategy is a proven method for criminal defense cases, civil suits, divorce proceedings, and child custody cases.

Our team develops the following information to assist you with your case:

  • Surveillance
  • Witness Statements
  • Data Intelligence
  • We provide a list of attorneys we have either worked with or who are cost effective and reliable
  • Asset Investigations
  • Public Record and Database Review
  • Work with Law Enforcement and other authorities
  • Detailed Background Searches

Why You Should Use Maya & Maya Inc. for Your Litigation Support Services

Daniel L. Maya, one of the founders of Maya & Maya, Inc. is a Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, which is a highly sought certification given by the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council in Florida. At Maya & Maya, Inc. all criminal defense investigations are conducted using the component method developed by industry leader Brad Perron. The component method is a detailed method used to conduct a criminal defense investigation that provides a detailed breakdown of every facet of the investigation.

At Maya & Maya, Inc. our staff will help you get the right evidence to protect your childâ??s best interest, and assist in reaching a final resolution in your divorce action. Our investigative services include all divisions within family law. We have helped hundreds of parents get custodial parental rights and ensure the safety of their children.

Our staff will assist you with your civil case and obtain the necessary evidence to help you gain a better position in your legal case.

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