Mobile Notary

Maya & Maya, Inc a licensed private investigative agency in Florida, New York, and California has expanded it practices by offering mobile and emergency notary services for loan closing, apostilles, and other important documents that need a notary at a moments notice. We strive to make any transaction as smooth and easy as possible for all parties involved. We will respond to you home, workplace, and at any time for your convenience. With our service you can avoid traffic and unnecessary delays that can hamper productivity and time. All our agents are licensed private investigators and certified notaries that are fluent in English and Spanish. We are certified to review and handle all loan documents from our vast years in investigating mortgage fraud and title fraud. We will ensure that you fully understand what you are signing and it implications. All our operatives are bonded and insured.

"When Knowing is a Matter of Trust."

The following are documents we assist but are not limited:

  • Home Loan Closings
  • Apostilles
  • Power of Attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Wills
  • Photocopy Authentications
  • Immigration Documents
  • Certified Translations in Spanish Only
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Bills of Sale
  • Acknowledgments

Fee Schedule

Anything in Miami-Dade County

Standard Notary Fee: $15.00 per signature notarized, plus a travel fee of $45.00. This service is available to anyone who needs to notarize a document such as ones listed above or other such documents that may not be mentioned. Our operatives will travel to your location usually within the hour from the time we are notified. This helps all clients who need the service quickly but cannot travel out of their homes or office.

Travel Fees outside of Miami-Dade: Broward $90.00 fee of travel and Palm Beach $125.00

After Hours and Emergency Notary Service: Anything needing a notarization after 8pm and or on weekends is considered after hours and or emergency notary service. The cost for this service is $75.00 for the first document and $7.50 for each additional document.

Wedding Ceremonies: $225.00

Our Notary service in the Miami-Dade, Broward areas is not just notarizing the marriage license but performing the service, reading of the traditional vows, performing the ceremony, and at your location of choice.


  1. You MUST have a valid State Issued Identification such as a driver?s license, a passport, and or a military identification.
  2. All documents to be notarized MUST be in your possession.
  3. If a witness is needed and you cannot provide one we will for an additional fee of $40.00
  4. Payments MUST be made at the completion of the signings in cash, credit card, and or PayPal.
  5. DO NOT SIGN the documents beforehand as the purpose of the notarization is that the notary is attesting that you provided proper identification and are the person signing the document.
  6. When the operative arrives have all document ready as we will only allow a 30 minute grace period and after which a $35.00 fee per hour will be added to the total of the notarization.
Florida A2300340 - California PI26215 - New York 11000172738
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